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March 18, 2018

I don’t normally review products. However, this product is simply amazing. All of the ingredients are dosed at the perfect amounts. This product has zero proprietary blends so you know exactly how much of every ingredient you are getting. Take a moment and look at the ingredient profile and then look online at competitors. No preworkout on the market beats the ingredient profile and price.

March 4, 2018

My favorite fruit is pineapple so I had to get my hands on this pre-workout! I use this product about 15 mins before a workout. I do get the telltale "preworkout tingle" and can feel it working within 10 minutes or so by the energy rush and focus that I get. No overly jitter feeling. Just clean, pure, sustained energy. I maintained my energy level through a 90 minute leg workout which I’m usually dragging my feet through during the last couple of sets. It really helps me get a good sweat going and it leaves me still feeling good!

I love the vibrant tropical pineapple flavor (deliciously tangy and sweet). Mixes easily. Very happy with the product. Definitely give this a try - I'm on my 2nd bottle!