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My Weightloss Story - Ups and Downs Of Losing 200 lbs

Seneca Little, before and after the life changing transformation

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My Story

Senergy Supplements was founded by me, Seneca Little. I once weighed in at 420 lbs during a very dark period of my life. You read that right, 420 lbs.

Battling depression, an eating disorder, and the loss of my best friend, I was a hopeless cause until I was finally given a reason to change and turn my life around: the birth of my son Seneca Jr. He became my why and has been ever since.

Now that I had a foundation, it was time to start execution. I changed my diet, my outlook, and began exercising. It didn't all happen at the same time; sustainable change needs to be done- little by little.

The first step was changing my outlook on everything. I envisioned myself on the other side of my weight loss transformation. I began to tunnel my focus on more positive things and while I was going through the process of this change, I kept my why in mind to prepare for what was next.

A change in food habits. I completely changed my diet and started clean eating. For three months I ate healthy and noticed a difference in not only my appearance, but my physical abilities. I could now move around more without extreme struggle to do simple things. I eventually felt ready to take the next step in incorporating a fitness routine.

I decided I was going to give weightlifting a try and as difficult as that sounded for someone who was well over 300 lbs, I channeled the drive I got from my newborn son into everything I did. If I wanted to skip the gym or eat something unhealthy, I thought of my son. I literally did everything for him and with him in mind.

Over time, I realized that while I was transforming my body, I was shaping my mind and focus. Weightlifting provided a structured platform to practice discipline that eventually bled into every area of my life. The results were incredible. I started to shed the pounds, I developed the consistency of eating healthy, and made working out a regular routine. It even got easier over time as I turned it into a life-style, it became life-changing.

After trying different methods of fitness, I began looking into supplements and taking suggestions of select brands from a few peers. I did some research to learn more about what supplement ingredients actually work and through trial and error, I figured it out! I found supplements to be pivotal in my success and wanted to help enable others to achieve the same.

Learning about those key ingredients that I thought to be successful in fitness and training inspired me to want to create a brand and business of my own to help others. I wanted to help people get fit, become healthier individuals, and perform at their best to achieve their fitness goals. Senergy Supplements is not only an incorporation of my name, but is also derived from the definition of 'synergy' itself. That is what Senergy Supplements is all about. It's about creating a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

My hope is that you not only achieve great success from our product, but to also help you find your WHY and use that motivation and be fueled by it through fitness. Take us up on the Senergy Challenge. Give us a try, explore our site, and check out our products. Be a part of the Senergy Team.

Welcome to Senergy Supplements, where we Senergize your goals for complete transformation.

Thank you for visiting.

Seneca Little