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About Us

Senergy Supplements was founded by Seneca Little. Seneca once weighed 420 lbs during a very dark period of his life. Battling depression, eating disorder and the loss of a best friend, he was given a reason to change his life around. Seneca used the birth of his son Seneca Jr to give him the "why" he needed to change his life. In the mist of his change, he decided to give weight lifting a try. Seneca knew it wasn't going to be an easy ride to become healthier but, he was determined to reach his fitness goals. Being over weight with little energy and focus it made his journey almost seem impossible. Seneca  got really involved with researching different ways to gain  more energy and focus. After trying a few different methods and learning about what ingredients actually work, he decided to create a business that will help others become healthier.

Senergy Supplements was created early 2017, in the beautiful state of Minnesota. Our first product ChargedUP is just the beginning of many more supplements to come. As a company our #1 goal is to help as many people reach their fitness goals. Join us on our mission to making a healthier world!